Prayer for Trust in the Light

 Dear God:
 I pray that You will fill my heart and mind with trust in Your protection.
 Remind me, 
 as I sit in worry and fear while this world crumbles to pieces around me, 
 that Your arms are surrounding me. 
 Remind me that the hatred and uncertainty of this world and its people cannot harm me,
 as long as I trust in Your protection. 
 Bless my soul with calm, 
 so that I may be Your Light shining for others. 
 Help us all to remember that it is 
 – and always has been – 
 Your Light that protects us, 
 not the legislation of man or a promise from any one human to another. 
 It is Your Light that shines the way for us and keeps us from tripping over each other and adding only despair to the world. 
 Shine on us Your light, O Lord!
 We are in desperate need of Your Love.

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