Prayer for Community Group

 O great Creator,
 we come to you today 
 a family of cause, rather than blood.
 We know that in this fact alone
 our community is fragile,
 for blood unites for all of eternity,
 while cause is often 
 frayed and split and broken 
 by the deceit of the small self.
 In this knowledge,
 we extend to you a great amount of gratitude,
 that during these months of physical separation,
 you have allowed us to remain united,
 however fragile that unity may sometimes be.
 As we approach the year ahead,
 we ask that you will fill each of us
 with the sturdiness found in the hearty sticks of your ground,
 so that when we join together in our community of cause,
 rather than blood,
 we become a bundle united and unable to be broken.
 When we are tempted to stray from the bundle
 to appease our small selves,
 remind us of the other single sticks that are counting on
 the stability they know in our presence.
 Hold us together with the rope of your wisdom 
 that will guide us safely to the family of cause 
 you have created us to be.
 And remind us always of 
 the blessing that is this community.

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