The People’s Choice

Of our own volition – we disappoint.
We are late to lunch with a friend,
because we are wrapped up in completing a task for ourselves.
We lack clear communication at work,
because we are stuck at a job that is not our life’s dream.
We don’t listen to our spouse,
because we are trapped in the ramblings of our own mind.
We forget to call our mothers,
because of the self-centered “to do” list that engulfs our weekend.
We lash out at a stranger in traffic,
because of the way their driving infringes on our right to be first.
Of our own volition – we disappoint – it is true!
But then,
when we reside in the heart of God:
we show up on time
and offer true presence to our friends;
we complete all tasks
as if we are working for the Kingdom of God;
we not only hear our spouse’s words,
but we listen with ears that open into our heart;
we look after our mothers, and fathers, and elders
with respect for a life well-lived, even if it wasn’t;
we travel peacefully, offering space for others
to get where they are going with ease.
Yes – of our own volition – we disappoint.
But – of God – we ignite the world’s people
with the unseen Love that shines
in our presence
in our accountability
in our intimacy
in our respect
in our peaceful tolerance of ourselves.
With God – people ignite the world with Love!

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