I Can’t Wait to Meetchu

A singer whose voice and music I cherish is Macy Gray. Her album – On How Life Is – is, by far, one of my all-time favorites. One of the best parts about it is that it was not an album I ever would have purchased for myself. Having received it as a gift after cat-sitting for a friend, I was pleasantly surprised by its lyrical emotion and soulful messages. On that album is the song, “I Can’t Wait to Meetchu,” in which she sings to her Higher Power, sharing gratitude for the life given, and the peace she feels because of the ever-present Power beside her. During the chorus of the song, she sings:

“Love the life I’m livin’ though I’m lookin’ forward to the day I die
Oh my Lord, I can’t wait to meetchu…”

The first time I heard that line, I gasped a little. “…lookin’ forward to the day I die…”????? I wasn’t quite there yet! That was somewhere around 15 years ago, and I certainly wasn’t looking forward to meeting up with God any time soon. I still had much work to do on accepting myself, my past, and my life as it was; and experiencing the blessings of humility, forgiveness and compassion.

Today, however, when I listen to that song, I sing that line at the top of my lungs! The work I have done over the past 15+ years and the relationship that God has secured in my heart through the message of Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit is beyond my wildest dreams. I can feel the presence of the Spirit in everything I do; and I am forever grateful for the way He has changed my heart, my mind and my soul. Crossing over and hugging Jesus has to be the most beautiful thing I can imagine ever happening to me. Sure, I do love the life I’m living today – but I am also jazzed to wrap my arms around Jesus and thank Him in person.

Happy Birthday, Macy Gray!



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