Thank You, Boys

– In memory of those who suffered, died, and survived to relive the nightmare of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis

I wonder if it happened,
if it was struck to death
because of what it carried.
The history of it reports that
only the captain had an idea,
maybe an inkling.
No other crewman was aware
or even really curious.
It was just a mission,
the next assignment to carry out.
So, why would they
be tortured and punished
and eaten alive
for what they did not know
they had done?
But they were.
Consumed by the sea.
Consumed by the sun.
Consumed by the sharks.
Consumed by the madness.
Left for dead.
Left for nothing, really,
they did not exist.
Until God’s eye
spotted their face
by mistake.
Lest we never forget
what war really is.

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