Dear God…

Dear God:

Instead of rolling with the punches lately, I have been rolled over by them. And, not even just punches, but tiny, little pokes as well. Something simple will come along that upsets my normal routine and I can’t find my way away from irritability. What is wrong with me?

I know, I know – there is nothing wrong with me. I’m human and therefore, flawed. I’m going to get irritated from time to time. I’m going to feel off-balance on occasion. I know, I know. Here’s the deal about that – I don’t want to feel irritated or off-balance.

I do my best to stay connected to You and to others who stay connected to You. I read and write and pray and meditate regularly in hopes of improving my relationship with You, so that You can change my not-so-lovely behaviors to lovely and my less-than-appreciative thoughts to appreciative. I do my best, God, and still sometimes I end up in a pit of irritation.

In my own annoyance, I realize that gratitude for another opportunity to look to You is really where I need to focus my attention. With each moment of irritability, each fall from balance, I am blessed with the willingness to come to You and ask for Your help. That willingness is a gift which I could not see or accept in days long past. But today, I can accept it. I can come to You in humility and ask You to change me. I can go to others who know You well and ask for their help as well. I can do these things because I am willing. And, I am willing because You have blessed me as such.

How silly of me to be annoyed that I started off this day irritated and off-balance.

Awakenings abound; and I am grateful!

Your humble human child,

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