The Gift of Summer

Thank You, God
for the exuberance of summer…
the warm sunshine on my shoulders
the cool grass beneath my bare feet
the vibrant life of playful bunnies
the bright blinking light of fireflies
the aroma of honeysuckle and petunias in bloom
the sweetness of strawberries, grapes and red cherries
the melody of birds praising Your name each morning
the croaking of toads calling their mate throughout the night
the shade of the trees on a hike through the mountains
the refreshing breeze as we stroll by the river
the crashing of waves upon the shore
the full moon hanging low in a starlit sky

Thank You, God
for the freedom of summer…
the laughter it brings
the laziness it allows
the childhood it remembers…
swinging on swings
playing in fields
building sand castles
daydreams so real

How high will I fly?
As high as the red-breasted robin.
How far will I run?
As far as the rust-orange fox.
How much will I love?
As much as the doe to her fawns.
How long will I live?
As long as the stars in the sky…

Thank You, God
for summer…

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