Thank You!

Dear God:

Thank You! Thank You for the voice of the newcomer. The voice that reminded me of gratitude. Gratitude for the things I forget about when I face adversity. Gratitude for the blessings of security, comfort, and hope.

Thank You, God, that each morning I awake to plenty of clean water, a pantry filled with nourishing foods, and a house that has protected me throughout the night.

Thank You, God, for a physical body that carries me wherever I want and need to go each day. Eyes that see. Ears that hear. Legs and arms that work. Lungs that breathe in and out without any guidance from me. A heart that beats freely and ceaselessly.

Thank You, God, for others. Others that guide me to You. Others that support my spirit and lift me up to where You want me to be. Others that sit with me in sadness, and rejoice with me in celebration. Others that show me You, here on earth.

Thank You, God, for home. For a kitty that greets me when I walk through the door after a long hard day out there in the world. For a husband that is on my side. For my spot on the couch. For fuzzy slippers and oversized sweatshirts. For a comfortable bed with warm blankets and a forgiving pillow where I can rest my head.

Thank You, God for the voice of that newcomer, and the willingness You have given me to listen. You see, the close-minded me of the past would have completely missed the gratitude message this week. When I stop for a moment and really think about it, YOU FREAKING ROCK!

Thank You, God.


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