Dear God…

Help me again, dear Lord.  My heart aches with disappointment, sadness, anger and bitterness.  I feel used and cast aside.  I feel unworthy, even though I know I am worthy.  I feel nonessential, even though I know that is not true.  I need You to infiltrate my mind.  Enter at Your own risk and whisk away the Enemy’s thoughts.  Grant me peace from discontent, from anguish, from ringing the resentments dry.  I need You, dear Lord.

Help me again, dear Lord.  I know Your way is the only way I have peace.  And, I know I am stuck right now.  I am stuck in self-righteousness and self-importance.  Grant me release from my ego, my pride, my reliance on self.  Help me to cease looking for my value from others.  Help me to know my value only in You.  The noise in my mind is relentless.  Do. Don’t. Do. Wait. Care. Hate. Do. Don’t. Leave. Stay.

Take it all, dear Lord, and wash it away.

I pray today for quiet and rest.  Quiet from the Enemy’s voice. Rest from the Enemy’s attack. I pray today to You, dear Lord, for there is no other I need.


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