Beautiful Eyes

Yesterday, a person I’ve never met told me that my eyes were beautiful and that she could not stop looking at them. After I responded (a bit bashfully) with: “Oh, thank you,” our conversation was quickly and easily steered toward my journey of faith.

Due to the nature of the event we were attending, we did not have long to speak to each other. In a few brief moments, I was able to share a tiny piece of my story with this new friend. As I spoke of God’s Grace in my life, I realized out loud that my eyes are beautiful today simply because they show the Joy that lives in my heart – God’s Love. What happened when that recognition hung between us was a sisterhood of Grace. It was then that I saw in her eyes what she had seen in mine.

God’s Grace is truly a beautiful thing. It is available to ALL of those who walk on this earth. However, without absolute acceptance of It, It cannot sparkle. Without recognition of the benevolence of It, It cannot heal.

Will you accept God’s Grace in your life today? Will you recognize the compassion God’s Grace offers to your soul today? Please do! It is time to sparkle. It is time to heal.

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