Trust. Wait. Follow.

Jesus answered, “You do not know now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”
– John 13:7 (NRSV)

Not too long ago, a close friend gave me a small rectangular piece of wood, with the phrase “RELY On His Promises” painted on it. It is the perfect size for the ledge under the screen of my computer at work. It has been there ever since and I read it every day – sometimes several times a day.

It is not a secret that the current job I do every day is not my dream. For now, it is where I am in my life. On most days, I have accepted this fact. I know I have more education to receive and more insight to stumble upon before the next season of career life is upon me. In the meantime, I pray for all I need to remain accepting until that next season arrives.

The promise above that Jesus makes to His closest friends as He washes their feet on the evening before His crucifixion, is one that I rely on constantly. It reminds me that I do not need to understand why God is doing what He is doing – in my life or throughout the world.  All I need to do is trust that He has a plan. It reminds me that I do not need to know what is next or what the end game is.  All I need to do is wait patiently for His plan to be revealed in His time. It reminds me that all I need to do is allow God to “wash my feet.” How do I do that?  I accept God’s friendship and love into my heart every day; and I follow His guidance as it comes: through learning, through conversations with friends and advisors, and through interactions with all the other children of God that walk this earth with me each day.

As I trust, wait, and follow, God washes me clean.

God wants to wash your feet today. Will you let Him?

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