Monday Morning

“Lord, I need help here – I need You to refresh me.” That’s a quote from one of the many Joyce Meyer books I’ve read.  It’s so very appropriate for this Monday morning.  But why?

I just had an uplifting, restful, productive, and joyful weekend.  So, why do I feel so blah this morning?  Because it is Monday and when the alarm went off this morning, it meant back to work.  Like many people in this world, I am not working at my dream job.  In fact, I’m coming up on 23 years in a business I never intended to be in for more than a few.  So, there’s the blah.

This Monday morning is one of those times when I need God’s help to refresh me.  Mostly, I need Him to remind me that I am not doing any of this alone, and that my focus is Him, not the job.

A wonderful piece of recovery language that I have taken into my daily life is the phrase, “Just for Today.”  Just for today, I will go to this job and do the work that I’m paid to do.  Just for today, I will accept that while it isn’t my dream job, it is a good job.  Just for today, I will be grateful that I am employed and receive many benefits through that employment.

Just for today, I will remember that my help, my refreshment comes God.








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