Sometimes It Takes A Storm

What do they matter – 
all these things acquired?
Trunks in storage
Boxes in the attic
Bins under the bed  
And oh, all the toys strewn 
throughout the house
distracting from 
My past?
Our present?
An unknown future? 
Or maybe, 
the Truth?
In my dream,
I was tossed about 
and pulled under the sea 
in a great storm – 
the boat that had carried me
and all my acquired things
nearly crushed me 
as it was sucked down to the depths 
so dark, I could not see. 
A feeling that all was lost 
surrounded me 
until the waters washed me clean
and the waves brought me to land. 
And there I stand
with nothing in my hands 
no boxes
or bins
or trunks – 
no shiny toys
no distracting things – 
just me
standing on the sand.
And somehow I know – 
I have all I will ever need. 
Painting entitled: “Time To” by Monika Luniak

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