Evancynical Interview

Dear Friends:  I was recently interviewed for a good friend's podcast called, Evancyncial. 

E*van*cynical - someone who has been let down by the evangelical church. Join us as we dive deep in to the stories of real, everyday people and how the church has let them down and where they are now in their spiritual journey. Join other "Cynics" at patreon.com/evancynical

I would love for you to take a listen so you know a little more about the person whose poetry and meditative writing you are reading.

Thank you for following me!  

Peace & Love:

Episode 52 – Molly Conaway evancynical's podcast

Molly and I talk about her apprehensions about but ultimately falling in love with pastoring. We also discuss in an age of the celebrity pastor, what does it look like to really pastor?
  1. Episode 52 – Molly Conaway
  2. Episode 51 – Jason Burson Pt. 2
  3. Episode 50 – Jason Burson
  4. Episode 49 – Dr. Heather Evans Returns
  5. Episode 48 – Sean Ridge

One comment

  1. Hey Jessica 🙋🏻‍♂️ hope you guys had a good meeting this morning I’m in Maine visiting my son. I’m excited about hearing your podcast downloading it I’m going to plan on my way home in the car. I also enjoy your email readings… Hope you’re having a good day look forward to talking with you soon🙋🏻‍♂️🙏🏻❤️🌞

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