A Psalm of the 21st Century

My dear God,
what is Truth?
For two thousand years
I have yearned to know.

I have longed for Your Light 
to shine
its brightness onto this world – 
yet it is still so dark,
so very dark.

My heart knows
You are there – somehow 
it has always known,
but my eyes struggle to see
my ears are blocked
by the fearful voices
of this world.

Amongst them I am exposed,
swept up so easily
into madness – 
when all I desire 
is Your Truth.

Show me
shout to me 
guide me through the masses
of deceit – 
I am lost without You
I will be left behind
with the sick
and the blind.

Fill my eyes with Your mercy
my ears with Your grace
let Your Truth
live inside my heart
let Your love
be my only desire.

Let me know now – 
like I have somehow 
always known – 
You are there – 
in those I see
in words I hear
in everything
and everywhere.

Shine the Light of Your Truth
on this trembling, prideful
despairing world – 
so I know
like I have somehow 
always known – 
You are there.  

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