Take It!

Dear God:
Please remove my doubt. 
That which stands between 
You – 
that which blocks the dreams
You have given me to dream 
from coming true.
Please remove the lie 
that deludes me into believing 
my unworthiness,
my wretchedness, 
my pridefulness – 
all these things
making up my doubt
serving only
to shut You out – 
remove them from me
so I can live
in the freedom of 
Your confidence. 
For I am tired, dear God,
and know that I am wasting time – 
sulking in Your presence,
ignoring Your nudges 
to create 
and share
Our creation – 
leaving me bare
and alone
in the theater of this world.
Oh, dear God,
the fear – 
Oh, dear God,
the loneliness – 
Oh, dear God,
the doubt – 
It is all keeping me 
from serving You – 
which is truly, 
I believe with all my heart,
what You created me to do.


  1. I needed this today. I am struggling with negative thinking about myself and life. Thank you for getting my focus back to the ONLY ONE who can truly help me.

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