Divine Joy*

The weight of it all
had settled in
like the soaking wet sand
that lurks between 
salty waters
dry land – 
sinking fast
into the abyss
I could barely move 
from its grip – 
even when I tried 
the sloppiness of it all
squelched my strength
held me firm
amidst the dirt 
I tried to keep moving – 
faith drove me
to step out into the sun – 
the fresh air 
filling my lungs –
but that sloppy, squelching weight persisting – 
out of that bleakness
came Your breath 
in a gust of wind
washing over my face
through my hair
filling the barren and cavernous hole,
cleansing the muck
from the depths of my soul,
making my feet 
feel light again,
helping my heart
to beat again – 
and now I wonder: 
Is there ever a day without a miracle?  

* “Divine joy outlasts everything. It is enduring. When all else melts away, that Joy remains.” 
 - Parmahansa Yofananda 

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