My Red Flag*

Sometimes I can hear it 
vaguely flapping in the breeze behind me. 
At other times, its presence goes completely 
until it stops me dead in my tracks 
with the red flashing lights of a railroad crossing: 
“A Train Is Coming!”  
That’s when I know my trust has shifted – 
or strayed away altogether – 
and it’s time to remember 
Who is in charge of my journey. 

May it be so, dear Lord, 
throughout this day to come 
that I see my red flag in time, 
and maybe even before it’s a crisis. 
Perhaps You could nudge me gently 
with signs to yield 
the lie appears: 
I can figure this out. 
I don’t need any help. 
I will take it from here. 
You know the lie 
much better than I. 
You see it 
long before I even know it exists. 
Save me from 
the rebellion of my soul. 
The Truth is, 
I cannot do it alone!

*With thanks for Psalm 25 

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