Be My Shield

Dear God:
I pray today to be secure in Your Truth. 
I ask that You fill me with confidence from Your Spirit, 
so that I may trust only in You.  
Bless me with wise discernment 
as words and images bombard my senses throughout this day. 
Be my shield so that I may see, hear, and feel only You in all things. 
Without Your protection, God, 
I know I will be swept up in the deceit of this world. 
With You as my Guide, 
I have faith that I will be safe and at peace, 
and propelled to act with courage and grace. 
I pray to live in Your will today.

One comment

  1. I said this beautiful prayer this morning as I prepare for going to my book club at my neighbor’s house (who is serving food ) and staying abstainent.
    I have been in this book club for years and was the one who started serving food( of course I was😜).
    Blessings on your day,

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