We Have Been Here Before*

The preservation of
Your Word
has comforted my heart
in this moment, 
as my eyes transmit
an unfiltered reminder – 
so desperately needed – 
to my heart:
We have been here before!
Yet, how can that awareness 
bring comfort? 
has not been going well
for anyone. 
has been fraught 
with judgment
and lies
and hate.
has been flooded 
with conceit
and control
and fear.
How then can knowing that
“we have been here before”
relax my whole being 
into a mushiness 
of relief 
and hope
and trust? 
Because of this very Truth:
is where 
have always stepped in
to remind us who we are
to reshape our collective heart.

Now, I must go out from here
to share this news – 
so others can become 
relaxed into a mushiness
of relief
and hope
and trust 
that can then be 

*With gratitude for Jeremiah 9:1-9

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