When the Lilacs Speak

The white lilac tree
beckoned me – 
“I have something for you.” 

I kept on walking. Too much to do.

“Just give me a few moments,” she whispered.

And it was the way 
she looked at me,
so peaceful and solid in herself,
that made me stop.
She said nothing else,
as I leaned in 
to the softness 
of her blossoming presence
and remembered…

…with each breath in,
my mother’s voice echoed:
“Lilacs are my favorite!”
She would exclaim it in 
every new springtime moment.

I smiled and thanked 
this sweet lady of a tree
for the memory of my Ma,
appreciating beauty
in the midst of her chaotic life.

And then I said a prayer
for that same graceful presence
as I companion her
on this walk 
to her own 
forever springtime peace. 

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