O Come, O Come, Emmanuel*

You were there 
when I was born 
into this hateful world.
You were there 
when the first 
slash of the belt landed.
You were there 
when innocence 
was ripped away.
You were there 
when I succumbed 
to the disease.
You were there 
even when 
I turned my back 
and ran the other way – 
being born with me 
all over again,
feeling the pain of the whips
all over again,
separating from love 
all over again,
being despised
all over again,
left alone
all over again – 
just for me?

It’s no wonder
how much 
I love You.

*Read Isaiah 53

One comment

  1. Good morning Jessica this is a perfect poem for good Friday. Thank you. I read it through my tears for what He did for us. He loved us that much.

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