Prayer of Humility

Dear God:
I come to You today, on my knees, baring all my sins, my imperfections, my doubt. 
I ask You to lift all of this from me, so that I can better see Your grace in my life. 
I have tried to look past all of these things in me. I have tried to push them down or away or to blame their presence on others. These attempts have led me only to self-degradation, self-destruction, and loneliness.  
In Your presence now, I believe that You will release me from the hold all of this has on me. 
I believe You will offer me the Light that will guide me to a new way of living. And I believe that this new way of living will allow me to know Your Love, experience Your Love, and share Your Love in ways that are beyond, and will always be beyond, my human understanding. 
Therefore, I will stay with You, follow You, and trust only in Your Light to guide my way. 

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