For me, In me, Through me

 Dear God:
 I come to You this morning with a heart flowing over with amazement and gratitude – so much so that those words seem unfit to describe it.
 What happens to me when Your Spirit guides me to be the authentic me You created me to be often begins on shaky ground. I fear what others might think of me. But in my desperation and darkness, You flow through me and speak the words I barely remember speaking; You release the fear from my soul and bless me with calm; and You always provide a soft place for me to land. 
 In the relief I feel then, I know there are no words big enough or eloquent enough to thank You. It is then that I know the only true way to thank You is to be a soft place to land for the soul of another when You do the same for them. 
 Oh, how I pray to be aware enough, awake enough, willing enough, open enough, welcoming enough, to be that Presence for all others. 

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  1. Love that Jessica , I came on line a little late but know I value your strength through the Lord . Always pray for your heart and soul to be comforted and for you to continue to be guided by our Heavenly Father πŸ™‚ Rosie F ( California)

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