My Redemption Psalm*

 How can I see what You see,
 or hear what You hear?
 My eyes are clouded with 
 smoke rising from
 the hot embers of hate,
 and my ears are muffled with 
 a cacophony of voices
 from this diseased place!
 Worse still, 
 I stare into the smoke,
 expecting love;
 and I listen to the noise,
 desiring peace.
 Redeem me, dear Lord,
 from the lies of this world – 
 most especially those 
 that come from the depths of my soul.
 For I will never hear what You hear
 or see what You see
 until You wash away their sins
 and release me from me. 
 *With gratitude for the musical poetry of Bob Marley and the Psalms of David 

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