The Gardener

Beaten down
into the murkiness and muck
of a day entrapped in technology
and policies
and the approval of my fellow man,
I ventured out into the hot sun of
the late afternoon…
…as the first bead of perspiration popped to life,
I knew it was the best decision I’d made all day.
While I walked through the heavy air
of humidity and pollen,
the anxieties, the frustrations, the hardness, and the fear
all dropped away,
beyond the blanket of comfort and truth wrapping around me…
…and just then, the man with the weed-wacker smiled as I passed on by
and said to me, “Good for you, my friend; keep on walking.”
Even in the excessive heat, a chill of knowing made its way up both my arms
and into my heart.
After thousands of years,
the gardener still appears
to assure the woman.

One comment

  1. Love the last lines! If I were younger I would walk in the heat as well. But either way, I know the gardener is there.

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