Today’s Prayer

Dear God:
I hear you now,
as I have
so often before.
What a joy it is
to feel your peace in my heart;
enlightened simply by your presence.
Today, I need not know
the answers, the outcomes, the play.
Today, I need only
keep my focus committed to you.
Today, I need only
surrender my whole life to you.
Tomorrow will take care of itself;
all without the assistance of
my illusions and unreasonable expectations.
For today, I will rest in you, God;
in the glory of your unconditional love and acceptance.


  1. Jessica,
    The prayers, poems, and your heart are breath taking.
    Thank you for sharing this blog with me. I am so glad I have another friend walking this path with me.
    We are not alone. God fills us each and everyday!

    Liked by 1 person

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