An Invitation

Stop for a moment –
just one moment –
stop all the clatters and clangs
of worry
and fear
and lust
that hold you in shackles
amongst the chaos of the world.

Allow now
the breath of Truth
to flow all around you,
over you,
under you,
through you,
until the iron clasps of your shackles
simply melt away.

reach out freely to
the Spirit of Truth
whose heart beats
throughout the rhythm
of every single moment,
in every single day.

just be,
in the song of the morning birds.

just be,
in the warmth of the noonday sun.

just be,
in the gaze of the young in love.

For that is where
I am –
calling to you,
waiting for you,
loving through you.

Do you hear me?
Can you feel me?
Will you love in me?

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