A Prayer for Help

Dear God:
Suddenly, I’ve found myself stuck here
in this deep ditch of self-pity. Actually,
it is more than a ditch. It is a hole,
so narrow, I can barely turn from my place in it.
I am so stuck
right here,
right now,
and I feel so alone.
When I think I hear someone passing by
on the solid ground above me, I am calling out.
But even if a fellow pauses long enough to glance into my hole,
the moment quickly passes by
and my fellows vanish
as indifferently as they appeared.
Dear God, I am asking You
to make room here in this hole,
enough for me to shake off this sickness that binds me.
And then, God, please lower a steady ladder into my hole
to provide a way out. I long to grab hold of it
and do all the climbing that is necessary
to reach You
and my fellows
once again on solid ground.
This is my longing and my desire, God,
but only if it be Thy will.
For now, I will stand
and I will pray;
and I will wait
and I will trust.

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