Another Prayer

Dear God,
Here I am again,
reaching out to ask:
is this really what You want?
This separation…?
This discord…?
This confusion…?
This hopelessness…?
I cannot believe it to be true,
but the longer it lasts
the more I think
there’s something we’re all missing.
What do we need to learn?
What do we need to discard?
What do we need to value?
What do we need to change?
The questions just keep on coming.
The opinions just keep on swirling.
The hatred just keeps on blaming.
The despair just keeps on growing.
As we watch the earth
spring to life all around us,
we are helpless to join in,
so stuck in this quicksand of muck.
Still our unrest, dear God.
Quiet our angst, dear God.
Banish our judgment, dear God.
Fill our empty souls, dear God.
We are lost in Your silence,
Dear God.


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