We rode together,
side by side throughout the day –
in the well-used machine that
had carried us to magical places
and familiar, loved faces.
At one point,
I noticed a tree,
all alone in the middle of a farmer’s field –
beginning to turn
from the full-of-life freshness of summer
to the orangey flames of late October –
the tree noticed me, too
noticing it,
and in that exchange, reminded me –
nothing is all alone.

I glanced at my husband –
operating the vehicle with ease
while trying to navigate
the more treacherous jungle of his industrious mind –
and my heart winked at God
how wonderous His miracles are.

Hours later,
returning side by side
in a new machine
(one that surprise us both with its allure)
I noticed the orb of the sun,
softly glowing behind
the cotton-stretched clouds of evening,
and a prism of colors off to the right
simply content to reflect its light,
all the rest of the way home –
reflecting the love
and reminding me,
nothing is all alone.

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