Of This World

of this world
has ever filled
my heart
my soul
my body
as has the
Love of God.
Why then
do I so often return
to the things
of this world?


    • What an awesome and profound question! Why do we? I’m guessing because God gave us free will and can’t wait for us to embrace him constantly. Unfortunately being human, he allows us to make mistakes, hoping we seek him out for the solutions, and waits patiently as we try to figure it out all by ourselves. Those of us who are in recovery have a profound chance to find that spiritual connection. Thankfully I have many people in my life who in different ways speak messages to me as God with skin. I take what I like and leave the rest. Unfortunately lately unknowingly I chose more things of this world and less and less time with God, even having some, it hasn’t been enough. Always having been a volume person, and having gotten some different help, life has finally been happier since June and I can feel again. The unfortunate part is it went to an extreme I didn’t even realize while God was giving me signals, I didn’t see them as the red flags they were meant to be.
      God IS LOVE and IS AMAZING! He placed upon me an almost nervous breakdown/panic attack that I was close to being hospitalized yesterday. Thankfully I got into all the right doctors and therapists that it was avoided! By using my recovery tools, calming techniques and a plethora of other coping skills, I know I need to take care of me while I get God back in my life first!! Thank you for always being you Jessica and sharing your honesty and passion for writing!

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