All Along

I was running through life
with the haste of a worried rabbit
until a butterfly landed
and stuck
on my nose.
Abruptly, I stopped
and with crossed eyes tried to see her
but could only feel
the gentle flutter of her wings
as she balanced herself
in my blurred vision.
It wasn’t until
I let go of
the need to see her
and allowed my eyes to uncross
that I noticed
I had been running through a field of
all along.


  1. Jessica~ You always have had such beautiful poetry! I see such symbolism with the butterfly you see and you said it is a “she.” For that butterfly to gently land on your nose, have you pause to see the beautiful life and ground before you, was your beautiful soul of Daisy showing you to stop and slow down and know she is always with you as your guardian angel that God has sent to watch over you.
    She has been guiding you to the perfectly timed life she wants you to just BE and SEE through her eyes; just as she always did when she was alive. Your love for her never stopped and she always knew that. She was your guardian angel even when she was alive. She was also looking out for you, as the beautiful relationship you always had with her, allowed you two to bond with with one another, pause as you just adored her for who she was, and your relationship shows the love she continues to have for you.

    Jessica, breathe in her soul today and let her shine right through you as the Holy Spirit wants for you.
    Love you my dear💕

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