The Seagull

I looked one day
at a seagull,
all spindly-legged
and sturdy-bodied;
however did he stand so tall?

I watched his knees
bend backwards
as he skirted over mountains of sand
in search of a French fry
or discarded crust of sandwich,
his beak poking about
coming up empty
time after time;
however did he try and try again?

I listened as he
for reasons unknown,
and then I
as he ingested a powdered donut
in two gulps.

I blinked only once,
as he lifted himself
into the jet-stream
of the ocean breeze;
however did his sweet, soft feathers
carry that heaviness away
with such ease
and grace?

Mouth open,
eyes wide,
amazed look
on my face…
…for those few moments
of wonder,
nothing else mattered;
however did God dream up that seagull?

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