Thank You, God

Thank You, God,
for suffering
that has built my strength,
for understanding
that has birthed tolerance,
for loneliness
that has encouraged seeking…

Thank You, God,
for community
with those who hold me up,
for unity
with those who open my mind,
for sacred space
with those who understand peace…

Thank You, God,
for eyes
that see a world in need,
for ears
that hear cries of desperation,
for a heart
that feels the way to serve…

Thank You, God,
for guiding me
to places alone I would never go,
for giving me
a life I would never choose,
for loving me
despite my soul stumblings…

In this day ahead, dear God,
I ask for only this:
to know Your desire
to welcome Your breath
to follow Your call…

Thank You, God.

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