A Prayer

Dear God:

Please release me of the negativity that has been hanging over my head for the last twenty-four hours. Please grant me lightness in acceptance, and grace in tolerance. Please guide my thoughts away from self-righteousness and towards places of humility and understanding. I know that without You showing me the way, I will stay lost in this cloud of unrest, this space of conflict within.

I thank You God for giving me those few moments of reprieve yesterday afternoon as I walked in the sun: Andy Stanley’s voice in my ear, reminding me of Your greatness; two deer peeking out at me from behind the bushes on the side of the road; my body moving freely after hours of sedentary nothingness. It is amazing to me how You can lift my spirit as I walk in Your world.

I give You my day, dear God, to do whatever You see fit with it. Only You can change my mind. Only You can change my heart. I pray that You will. I pray that the few moments of reprieve from yesterday’s walk shine over the low energy I expect to encounter throughout my day.

I trust in You with all my heart, God, and ask You for this peace.

Your needy and faithful servant,

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