Lord, I’m tired…

Lord, I’m tired…

Tired of not knowing what’s true
and what’s not true

Tired of being told what’s true
and what to believe
by voices that disagree so violently

Tired of uncertainty turned to
drama and fear
before certainty is gained

Tired of having no voice
in a society of ostracized voices

Tired of this side saying that
and that side saying this
and both sides saying the other is completely wrong

Tired of being labeled
when I express gratitude for my country

Tired of having the world
look at my homeland
with disdain and disgust

Tired of wondering
what to do
what to say
how to feel
how to pray
in the middle of all this

Lord, I’m so tired
and so scared
and so small

I pray that You will
guide my heart and my mind
my footsteps and my words
I pray that You will
grant me wisdom and energy
and truth and faith
so that I can once again
be grateful
and hopeful
and useful.


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