The Gift of the Honeysuckle

This past weekend offered many opportunities for outdoor journeys. On Friday afternoon, I enjoyed traveling along my summertime walk route that involves long stretches of country roads, and quiet places that offer the potential for deer sightings along the way. On Saturday afternoon, my husband and I went for a leisurely ride on the Harley, exploring the hilly farmlands of southeastern Pennsylvania. Both adventures were wonderful; feeling the warm sun on my skin after a long, cold winter, and breathing in the freshness of the late spring air. What I love most about this time of year, and what was most prevalent this weekend, is the return of the honeysuckle.

The aroma of the honeysuckle is, in my opinion, one of the most breathtaking gifts of nature. It alerts the senses to the coming of lazy summer days and soothing summer nights filled with fireflies and clear skies of sparkling stars. And, because its blossoms are often hidden within bushels of lush, green leaves, its fragrance wafts about unexpectedly, halting my mind from whatever silliness is rambling about in order to appreciate the memories it carries: long walks with my mom after picnic-table dinners in our backyard; swinging for hours in the schoolyard two doors down from home, but a million miles away from everywhere; forbidden parties with friends around campfires we never built; my first crush on the neighborhood boy I never did kiss under the honeysuckle bush beside my childhood home. With each whiff, a momentary escape from reality ensues – a brief and welcome gift.

As I rode on the back of the Harley this weekend, I wondered about God’s grace in creating the honeysuckle. I wondered if He knew when He created it that one day someone would need the glorious distraction of its perfume to lighten her heart from the callousness of the day. I wondered if He knew that its scent, surprisingly powerful and sudden, would serve to transport a middle-aged, tired and restless woman to a light-hearted and carefree girl on a swing. I chuckled at myself that I even wondered these things. Of course, God knew. For I do believe that everything He has ever created was meant to bring calm, peace, comfort and joy.

Thank You, God,
for the honeysuckle…
impossible to capture
delightfully old
overwhelming aroma
creation retold.

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