It all has meaning…

Seeking, searching, yearning, hoping
birdsongs fill my ears
my eyes open once again
to another day
a new day
different from yesterday
and never the same again.
Get up and live
walk about and take nourishment
pray and take to the day
working, playing, loving, trusting
it all has meaning…
…doesn’t it?
Sometimes I wonder
the point to it all
the squirrel scurrying about collecting acorns
the elephant murdered for its tusk
the child born into madness
the marriage without love
it all has meaning…
Wondering, asking, crying, dying
I pay the bills that loom silently each month
I kill a spider trapped in my house
I celebrate my niece at her first communion
I fight with my husband again
it all has meaning…
Maybe the point is
not to know
not now, anyway.
Maybe the point is
just to try
trying, losing, rising, flying
living that which is before me
loving those who cross my path
releasing the spider outside
holding my husband in Grace
smiling when I see the squirrel, acorns inflating his face
it all has meaning…
…I think it does.


  1. I relate to this entry. I believe it all does have meaning…yet sometimes,…I just don’t get it, understand it,…… I trust…and I doubt……and I trust that God appreciates my honesty..when I doubt. Thanks for your writing today. So timely for me. 💗😀

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