You Are

Grass so green it bursts forth
with green
and every color that makes up green
shining yellows and blues and
seas of green
so vibrantly as my eyes take in
the wonder of luscious color
almost too green to keep looking…
You are the grass
You are the green
You are the wonder

In the song of the birds
I hear all the voices of wisdom…
…Kevin, Henry, Marcella and Jane,
Debbie, John, Kristy and Kim,
Rita, our Amma, and so many others…
Their voices burst forth with
tweets and caws and coos and whistles…
You are the birds
You are the voices
You are the Wisdom

The sign posts that guide me
the white picket fences
a mailbox, a wreath,
flags flapping in the wind
symbols of community
of union
of One…
You Are

The gravel beneath my feet
the newly laid asphalt road
the hundreds of brown dried-out leaves left over from winter
the bright pink and yellow and purple spring flowers
offering promise and hope of soft days ahead…
You are the path
You are the change
You are the Hope

The squirrel that springs about gathering yummies
the soil that waits for rain
the rusty red-breast of the robin…
You are the movement
You are the stillness
You are the shield

The breeze of cool air on my face
flowing through me with life
pouring from me in sweat
and tears
and blood
making me one
with all that
You Are

The welcome of home
aromas familiar
enveloping warmth
You Are.

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