A Prayer

Dear God:

I come to you today in all humility and self-effacing stature. I am so tired of myself, my ego, my pride, my heart filled with resentment and anger. I know that on my own, I cannot change these things. I know that only through Your unending grace will I be rid of them. And, I also know that I have to ask for Your help, and then take the action – even and most especially – when I don’t want to; to do what I can to stop acting out on these feelings.

As I hold back from saying harsh things to others when all I want to do is scream at them, I know You will accept my willingness and grant me the strength to continue on with dignity. As I refrain from posturing myself for compliments when all I want is praise from this world, I know You will see my need for Your power and relieve me of this intense desire for admiration.

I believe, God, that You want me to live in peace. I believe that it is true that You know what I need and want before I even ask – but I also believe that You want me to ask. So, I am asking, God, for Your grace in my life today. Please fill my heart with the Love that only You can provide. For with the enormity of Your Love, I know that the anger and resentment that live within me will have no room to grow.

With gratitude for the willingness to come to You in darkness, I pray these words today…

Thy will God, not mine, be done.

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