I recently passed a restaurant and saw the following on its marquee:

“When ‘I’ is changed to ‘we’
illness becomes wellness.”

I felt myself smile as the thought sunk into my heart. What a lovely and comforting sentiment!

One of the first things that was shared with me when I was learning about recovering from my addictions was that I could not – and would not be able to – recover on my own. I had to learn to reach out to others who had already been recovering and ask them how they were doing it. I had to step outside of my comfort zone and introduce myself to people within my recovering community, so that they would get to know me and I would get to know them. I had to ask for help – every day. I had to listen and be willing to compromise, change my attitudes, and surrender to the solution that had worked for so many that had gone before me.

Once those actions helped to build some solid ground beneath my recovering feet, I had to offer service to others as well. I had to answer the phone when someone in the recovering community called. I had to selflessly guide others through the program, as I also had been guided. I had to give my time and energy to carrying the message throughout the recovering community, as well as in my daily life. I had to give away what I had in order to keep it. I had to share the program with others in order to continue benefitting from it myself.

I learned that it is only TOGETHER that we can do what we could NEVER do ALONE. All that ran through my mind when I saw this lovely sentiment outside the restaurant I recently passed. The truth of the matter when I entered the rooms of recovery is the same as the truth of the matter today: the disease of addiction (illness) is changed to the solution (wellness) of recovery from addiction only when I stop working in “I” and start living in “WE.”


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