Dear God…

I am praying today for peace. Peace for myself. Peace in my heart when I am confronted with annoyances, diseases and distress. Peace in my actions when wickedness stands before me. Peace to soften the blow of hurtful words from those who despise me, as well as those who love me. Peace to protect my soul from this world that spins on hate.

I am praying today for peace. Peace for those I love. Peace in their hearts to withstand the pain of their past and the pasts of those they love. Peace in their reactions to the sadness all around. Peace to keep them safe from the lack of peace within me and others. Peace to fill their souls with hope that shines on a better tomorrow.

I am praying today for peace. Peace for the world. Peace in the hearts of all men, all women, all children. Peace to reject the invitations of loathing and spitefulness and fault-finding. Peace that conquers self-righteous judgment. Peace that keeps us all from behaviors that provoke pain and shame and guilt. Peace that opens minds.

I am praying today for peace, dear Lord, because I know one thing for sure. Only through the grace of Your love will we ever know that stillness, that calm, that illumination. Only through You, by Your grace, is our peace possible.

I pray these words in the matchless name of Your Son and my Savior.

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