No Hangover

There are many benefits to living in recovery from my addictions. One of the best of those is never having to nurse a hangover. Not only did I feel physically well yesterday, but I also walked through my day with no guilt and no shame. To those who have not lived life in active addiction, that might not sound like a big deal. But, to anyone who has ever struggled with an addiction, feeling good physically, emotionally, and spiritually on New Year’s Day is a priceless gift.

Instead of kneeling in front of the toilet all night, I was safely tucked into my bed before midnight and slept soundly. Instead of wallowing in self-pity throughout the day as the headache pulsed throughout my temples, I productively went about taking down Christmas decorations. Instead of wondering what I did on New Year’s Eve and how I even got home, I started the first day of the New Year with God, thanking Him for the movement of grace He has caused in my life.

There is no way for me to express my gratitude in words for the change that recovery has caused in my life. The only thing I know I can do to express the appreciation and pure thankfulness that I feel is to continue living in the solution of recovery, carrying the message to others, and praising God for showing me the way.

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  1. Oh yeah,…..New Year’s Day with God and gratitude for All of the blessing and gifts He has generously offered to me…. No resolutions to diet or start an exercise program in an attempt to lose the “holiday weight” ……. no holiday weight to lose…… and so so so many more gifts….. Thanks for your post!💗 Sandy

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