“I don’t think Satan wants to destroy us; I think he wants to distract us.”
– Bob Goff

WOW! What a phenomenal speaker this Bob Goff is! I had the privilege of listening to his message recently when he served as a guest minister at Northpoint.org (the online component of Andy Stanley’s church – North Point Community Church – in Alpharetta, GA). His entire message* was inspiring, but the quote listed above, which he said within the first two minutes of speaking, has been what has stayed with me over the last two weeks. In fact, it has melted into my heart, mind, and soul as I have gone about my business to the extent that I can’t stop thinking it and feeling it in just about everything I do and say. I suppose anytime Satan’s name is brought up, it makes me sit up and pay attention. Satan is a scary character and if I can avoid him, I want to know how to do it!

Before I even heard Bob Goff’s message, I had been noticing the increased level of distraction in our world. While experiencing two classes this semester that focus on spiritual well-being, it has been difficult not to notice. The classes have been leading me to pay more attention to what God is placing right in front of me, noticing His signs, and following His guidance. In doing that, I have noticed how often (and how easily) I can be distracted from my focus on God:

  • My cell phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, TV shows, texting, the internet, etc.
  • Judging others, feeling superior, wanting what I want, resenting those who have what I don’t, etc.
  • Marinating in self-pity, wishing I was in a job that was more fulfilling, worrying about money, trying to get someone else to change, etc.

The list of distractions goes on and on. If Bob Goff is right, then this discovery of how easily and how often I can be distracted from my focus on God is absolutely terrifying! For me, the good news is that I am aware, willing, and faithful. I know that as I take this to God, and ask for His help in removing this temptation to pay attention to the distractions, He will help me. The key here is to remember that the distractions will always be there for me to pick up and run with. As long as I am aware of my weakness in resisting them – the excessive entertainment, the personal defects, the escape into judgments – I am able to continue recognizing when they are sneaking in to take my heart and my mind in a direction that leads away from God’s call. I am also able to bathe in the glory of a heart changed only by the Grace of God; and remember my need for His strength and power in my life.

I pray today that we will all look away from the distractions and keep our focus on God.


*To listen to Bob Goff’s message in full, go to:

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