Autumn Air

Crisp, cold and filled with the aroma of busy-ness…
…a squirrel rustles about through crinkly leaves, collecting acorns,
the high school band welcomes their team to the field in the distance,
geese honk high overhead in their v-shaped team of travelers…
…lungs fill with scents of cinnamon, apples, and cider,
someone is using their fireplace for the first time this season,
a brisk wind catches the branches above and more leaves waft about to their demise.

The long winter ahead will have to wait a few more weeks…
…a few more walks to say farewell to the robins,
to pound the pavement before it is slick with ice,
to breathe in the freshness of that autumn air, alive with bustling about…
…how blessed are we as we prepare to nest,
under the blanket of our Redeemer’s birth
soothing us through the cold dark nights ahead…

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