Dear God…

I thank You for all those who have walked the path before me.
Thank You for their willingness to help me find my way…
Thank You for their generosity in imparting wise words,
and in sharing harrowing experiences
with blessed outcomes and definite endings…
Thank You for their kindness and compassion
as my heart and soul ached through healing,
and continues to ache through growth…
Thank You for opening my eyes and my ears
to see You in them and hear You through them…
Thank You for creating them and guiding them,
and sharing them with me.

In return for all these wonderful souls that have helped You guide my ways,
I ask You to use me also.
Use me to direct the steps of darkened hearts…
Use me to impart hope to the hopeless many…
Use me to love where there has never been love…
Use me to show, to nurture, to respect, to inspire.
Use me to give all You want me to give.
Use me to carry all You have me to carry.
Use me to motivate, to challenge, to defend.

My Lord, through them, I found You.
Lead me Lord, and use me Lord
to carry You to all.


  1. Beautiful, Jessica!!! I read your blogs each day and enjoy the encouragement
    they give me. Hope to see you in the near future. Love,


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