The first time we traveled to this lovely place, we didn’t know our first tradition had been born. Each year since then, as the leaves burst out in bright oranges, reds and yellows, we set out together to escape the world, our responsibilities, our stresses, our regular old lives. The anticipation begins to percolate during that first Saturday viewing – a win making the bubbles pop just a little louder. We count down the days and wait. When the season shows success, the excitement brews a stronger blend of smiles and memories and new treasures ahead. And even if the play is rough and the army surrenders, we still feel the warmth in our hearts for the place, the trip, the escape together.

Then it is time. The blessing seeps in and the stress leaks out. This lovely place. These old new friends. The strangers we pass and chat with along the way. The moments just for us. The sights seen and unseen. Off we go again, to the glory of a time only ours.

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