Dear God…

Thank You for autumn. For crisp, cool air. For squirrels romping through crinkly fallen leaves as they gather together their winter fare. Thank You for the brisk breeze of evening, as the sun dispenses shadows so tall and loooooooong. Thank You for bunnies, eyes wide and cautious, noses twitching, stretching ears focused.

Thank You for the surprise of the doe, behind the bushes and shrubs, shrewdly munching the neighbor’s well-mown lawn. Then as I turn the corner, Your gift of her sister, bulked up for the coming cold of thankful days just ahead. Her eyes zero in. Her tail, white beneath, wiggles just a bit. Her stance solid before me, wondering my intent. She doesn’t blink. She doesn’t tense. She just looks into my heart, melting the soot of the day from its edges, cleansing its center with Your Grace.

Thank You God, for autumn. For the creatures You have sent to ease. For the beauty that lies within, when we stop to notice Your Peace.

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