God Works Through All of Us

“If God can work through me,
He can work through anyone.”
–St. Francis

I love this quote from St. Francis. It is a beautiful reminder of two very important things.

The first is that God works through me. As I walk through my day, I need to stop and take review of my thoughts, words, and actions. What thoughts am I having that are propelling me to express God’s love to those around me, or keeping me from carrying God’s message? What words am I speaking that are clearing a path for open discourse, or building a wall of judgment and close-mindedness around me? Am I behaving in such a way that others can see the Love of God, or am I repelling closeness with my ugly attitude and self-pity? If I surrender to His will and His call, God can and will work through me.

The second is that God works through anyone. The guy who cut in line at the bank. The co-worker who never stops talking. The family member who can’t be bothered. The belligerent neighbor who always has a problem with somebody. The teacher who notices the tears. The chaplain who shows interest. The doctor who stops to listen. The friend who is always there. If I open my heart to the message, God can and will work through anyone.

For today, I will remember that as much as God works through me, through my many attitudes, and through my unreliable faith, so also he works through anyone, through their many inconsistencies, and their promise of unity.

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